Dundee Graduation Photography

Frameworks Studios is only two minutes’ walk from the City Square/Caird Hall  and provides Dundee University and Abertay University graduates with the highest standards of Graduation photography at a convenient location.

Family members are welcome too –  it’s the perfect opportunity for a memorable family portrait.

As we’re extremely busy on Graduation Day, please call to arrange your booking well in advance. We cannot guarantee a time slot otherwise.

Graduate only: two hi-res digital files plus two A4 prints,  £99
Graduate plus family members: four hi-res digital files plus two A4 prints,  £149
 (All images copyright free )
Dundee graduation photos

We really appreciated not only the quality of photographs, but also the extra time you took in creating them, thanks again.

Call now to reserve your time slot.

Graduation Gallery

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How long is the photosession?

We normally allow around 20 minutes for each session, giving plenty of time for family combinations.

May I have a variety of family combinations?

Yes, we actively promote family combinations. After all, it is your photo session.

Can you supply gowns & robes?

Sorry we do not have these. Although, we have some spare University scroll tubes if needed.

I need directions to the studio?

Leave the city square to your right side, head towards ‘Optical Express’ building and we are on the corner opposite ‘Blacks’ & ‘Tickety Boos’.

What if we are running late (or early)?

Just come along and we’ll fit you in asap.